Shared point-of-view

Collaboration with a remote expert, users can allow an expert to reach into their point-of-view.


Highlight important things the user is seeing and draw information onto the user’s local screen.

Speed up resolution times

Increase first visit fix rates, satisfied customers equals repeat sales.

Latest Smart-glass Technology

New lightweight smart glasses pack a lot of power, connect to wi-fi or to your smartphone via bluetooth for realtime hands free collaboration.


Collaborate with experts in a safe and hands free way as they see what you see.

Augmented Reality

Your inhouse engineer can use a pointer to guide field personel in a safe hands free way.

Equipment Diagnostics

Send OBD-II, CANaerospace, CANopen, SAE J1939, NMEA 2000, EnergyBus, MilCAN, and Fieldbus data to remote expert in real time.

Liability Management

Video archive important procedures and tasks in a hands free way.


Annotate virtual whiteboard in realtime, get instructions to where they are needed instantly.

Access Documents

From the cloud, Look up installation manuals, service bulletins, schematics, diagrams, and video on the fly with ease, no fumbling between apps.

Applicable Industries

Just some of the industries that can benefit from our technology in todays BYOD-enabled workforce.
  • Fleet Support
  • Construction
  • OilField
  • Ships Yachts
  • Heavy Equipment
  • Factory Equipment
  • Farming
  • Public Works
  • Military

Technology Partners

  • Vuzix Smartglasses
  • DropBox
  • Real Wear
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